For the LARP game coventia held in Bedford England.
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 What is Coventia?

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PostSubject: What is Coventia?   Wed Feb 17, 2010 9:51 pm

Coventia is a fantasy Live Action Role Playing game based in Bedford UK.

Coventia itself is a land of magic and power, a world where myths run free through the woods and ghosts haunt old ruins. It is a land full of many races, of which only a small handful are native to this world. She is a place of both harsh realities and soft dreams, where you will live and die but death is not always the end.

The known world of Coventia only extends to three major continents and hundreds of smaller islands. The landscapes of each of these continents is as varied as the many races that call it home.

It is a world of Gods and Demons, powerful forces of nature and dark, unspeakable powers. A journey to Coventia might take you to places that exist only in dreams or nightmares, through worlds within worlds or even across time itself.

If you would like to come and play Coventia- please join the forum and send a message to Refgirl.
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What is Coventia?
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