For the LARP game coventia held in Bedford England.
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 Forum rules

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PostSubject: Forum rules   Sun Feb 21, 2010 2:17 am

.Simple things really. Please everyone be nice to each other. No calling each other names and so on and so forth (I trust you all but lets make it clear).
.If you have a problem please contact either me or Woody, as your friendly neighbourhood refs we want to make the game great for you.


This is mainly a forum for small peices of writing about the world. As I get my act together there will be more here. It is to help you know a bit more about the game. Some things posted here will be race specific (for example Moredhel background). All are open to read this but you must be aware that some characters will NOT know what this history is. In most cases there will be a bit at the end stating 'what the rest of the world knows'. If you are not of this race pay attention to this please!

Only refs can post here so its all readable matterial.

IC forum

.The downtime request forum is for you to get in contact with the refs and tell them what you want your character to do over their 'downtime' period. Unless the game is a follow on from the last one you will normally be entitled to some actions. One at a time however and some roleplay ont he forums maybe required. Please entitle any requests 'your characters name month' and we will sort it as quickly as possible.
.Out on the road is a forum for those of you who decide your characters are travelling together to get somewhere. In this case please Pm me first and I shall create a post for you to start the chat off in. Please remember that if you are here you are NOT in the inn. Its a bit hard to be in two places at once.
. The White Hart Tavern is the local inn for most of the players living in Gamay. Its up to you if your character would be there or not. Please message me once all characters have 'left' a thread so I can shut it down as essntially noones there anymore.
.Nick's house, is obviously the house of the character Nick Hold'em. It is up to him who can and can not come into the house and as such its up to you to get the invite. Please respect his rules as it is his home.
>please note if there are any other forums you would like to be created please message me and I can see what I can do<

OOC area
.Rules and suggestions is a place for just that. Have an idea? For plot? For rules? Please tell us about it here. The only thing I ask is that you remember the most cardinal rule of this LARP. If the rule impeedes on the (good) roleplay ignore the rule. We are not a rules heavy system and are more into the roleplay side of things. Other than that please fire away ^^
.OOC discussions, is simple for that. Things like have you watched that new film recently? ect. Or even things about the next event, like 'I can;t make it'. Anything none Ic related goes here.
.Character stuffs, this is where all the character sheets are stored and I keep track of all of the things your character has done, has, ect. Please note most of this is OC knowledge and that if you are found to be using this in character with no reason to you WILL be peanalised. I did not go through all the trouble of showing peopel what they had with their characters just to get peopel cheating. If you want to know something about that character with your own, message that person first to see if it is ok. If not we will all consider whatever you say to not have happend. So no saying you are Vitalany's sister without asking me, as I will probably ignore you when your come into the game. This is in no way to be mean to you I just want it stressed that I dont like cheating. And as some people expressed that they would like this feature kept I want it made clear that if it IS ever used in such a way I will make it a private ref only thing. And you will be messaged when you level and what skills you can buy ect. I'd like for it to stay the way it is but we will see how it goes.
.If you see that your character has leveled and you want to spend the skill points please message me and I will send you a list of what skills you can afford with the points you have. From there we can get your skills sorted

I hope all of this didn;t make me sound to pretentious or mean, but just wanted to post this to make sure theres a couple of rules to the forum. Feel free to poke me with a stick if anything needs explaining. I don't bite mostly.
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Forum rules
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