For the LARP game coventia held in Bedford England.
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 Price List up for viewing

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PostSubject: Price List up for viewing    Sun Sep 05, 2010 7:16 pm

Warning! This list is by no means the full extent of the costs in Coventia. These are also only the basic costs. Remember that 2 silver is a years worth of saving for a family and that a lot of the day to day costs of life (such as food and drink) is bartered for. Money is a fairly rare thing for common folk (not the adventurers of cause) and please be prepared to role play this accordingly (unless of cause your a rich know it all who wont last five minutes Razz). Also prices will vary from place to place dependant on factors such as your character reputation and so on and so forth.


Arrows x10 1c
Battleaxe 1h 1 s
Battleaxe 2h 2 s
Bow, long 3 s 2 c
bow, short 2s 2 c
crossbow 1 g
crossbow bolts x10 1 s
dagger 2 s
dagger, throwing x5 2s
pole arm, short 1g
pole arm, long 1g 2c
spear 3s 3c
staff 2s
war hammer 1 g

shield, small 1g
shield, large 1g 2s

Light armour, cloth or leather
head 1s
arms 2c
torso 1s 1c
legs 3c

Medium armour, studded leather or rare materials
head 2s
arms 1s 2c
torso 3s
legs 1s 3c

Heavy armour, chain and splint mail
head 3s
arms 2s 2c
torso 4s
legs 2s 3c

Extra heavy armour, plate
head 1g
arms 3s 2c
torso 2g
legs 3s 3c

General goods
ale, barrel (poor) 1 silver
ale, barrel (good) 1s 2 c
ale, barrel (finest) 1g
amulet (basic) 1c
amulet (superior) 2c
amulet (master crafted) 1s
blanket 2c
boots 1c
candles x10 1c
cloak, wool 3c
cloak, silk 1s
gloves, leather 3c
grappling iron 1s
grindstone 2c
horse tack 1g 2s
horse shoes 1g
lantern 2s
peanuts, bag of 1c
provisions for one week 2c
quill and ink 3c
robe, linen 1s
robe, silk 2s
rope, per metre2c
scroll paper, normal 2c
sack 1c
tent 2s
tunic, leather 2s
tunic, wool 1s
wine, per bottle (poor) 1c
wine, per bottle (good) 1s
wine, per bottle (finest) 1g

Special good
Potions (see potions list)
Poisons (see poisons list)
herbs, common (see common herb list)
herbs, rare (see uncommon herb list)
scroll paper, magical (no enchant) 2s
scroll paper, magical (enchanted) starts at 3s

Other goods
wood, ton 1p
stone, ton 1p 2g
ore, common, ton 1p
ore, rare, ton 2p
iron,bar 1g
copper, bar 3c
silver, bar 1s
gold, bar 1g
platinum, bar 1p
steel, sheet 2s
diamond (starting) 1g
emerald (starting) 3s
sapphire (starting) 3s
ruby (starting) 1g
amethyst (starting) 2s
topaz (starting) 2s

Services, general
ale, pint x2 1c
bodyguard per day 1s
mercenary per day 2s
meal, standard 1c
meal, fine (starting) 3c
labour per day unskilled 2c
labour per day skilled 1s
room at an inn per night 2c
wine, per glass 1c

Services, special
alchemist per day 2s
smith per day 3s
healer per day 2s
Ritualist 1s per point of power

rodent (rabbit, ferret etc.) 1c
cat /dog (dependant upon breed, starting) 2s
chicken 2c
sheep 1s
cow 3s
horse, common 1g
horse, rare 1p
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Price List up for viewing
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