For the LARP game coventia held in Bedford England.
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 March's game

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PostSubject: March's game   Wed Mar 09, 2011 10:43 pm

The next Coventia game will be on Sunday 20th March, site to be confirmed (after last month's squelch fest, I'm not going to choose the site until closer to the game date!). It's one of my games again, see below for a taster....

Coventia - The Best Defence

At a crossroads in Branwen stands the Journeyman Inn. The halfway point between Damnu and Gamay, It is also near many sacred places.

As spring approaches, many rites and festivals take place near here. Perhaps this is why you have come to the Inn- or maybe you are just passing through.

As you enjoy the hospitality of the Landlord, Mr Crouton, there is a commotion at the door of the Inn. A lone Elf, dishevelled and armed with a sword bursts in.

He spots you and advances in your direction…….

Due to the amount of monstering they've done in a row, I've confirmed 3 people as playing this time already. I've got another player "slot" available and that's first come, first served so if you want to play, let me know ASAP. Feel free to bring player costume anyway because there's always a chance that we could fit you in.

Meet at mine from 9 onwards or at Refgirl's from 10.30. If you need directions, please let me know via PM .

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March's game
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